Lincoln NH golf chiropractorHere’s a great article from Dr. Terry Weyman of the Chiropractic Sports Institute!

So last week a patient of mine came in with a feeling of fatigue, heavy legs from training and soreness in his legs and lower back. He has been working hard to get ready for his summer racing season and was feeling a little discouraged. At first he thought his equipment was getting tired but after spending over a thousand dollars on up grades his scores did not change. I finally had to tell him, “did you look at your body and what you need to do different?” 

So, many Athletes take their body for granted and if they are losing, blame their equipment when they should look within. Have they been eating right, are they seeing their Chiropractor to get the joints loosened up to allow the soft tissue to be more reactive and functioning, are they recovering correctly after their work outs, etc. These are just some of the questions you need to ask when you hit a flat spot in your performance. I have seen Golfers spend thousands of dollars on the newest and greatest club,  to gain 10 extra yards! Yet with one trip to the Chiropractor and some great recovery techniques and they get the same yardage gain for a lot less money. I have seen cyclist have to have the newest carbon bike and will spend a lot of money for a few ounces of wt, yet they will eat like crap and won’t recover and they wonder why their engine does not work when they put the “hammer down”. 
Lack of Time maybe an issue, but so is putting your body first. Go see your sports Chiropractor (ie your body mechanic) and get tuned up. Eat right, you would never put cheap gas in your race car, and yet your body is worth a heck of a lot more. The best tip of all. BUY A MARC PRO. Its the best recovery tool on the market, use it after EVERY work out, Between EVERY race and the night before any major competition to flush the muscles with fresh fluids. Its the best money you will ever spend! www.marcpro.com promo code:GOTCSI
Its time to put your money into what will really matter at the end, YOU!
Dr. Terry Weyman is the clinic director of CSI